Rage & Resist is an anti-colonial anti-fascist force in occupied “Northern Arizona” organizing to ensure racism, sexism, trans/homophobia, capitalism, and colonialism are uprooted from these lands. See you in the streets!


Fascism is nothing new in “Arizona,” but the escalation we face in our community demands a response beyond holding signs on the lawn of city hall. While liberals wave “U.S.” flags, white supremacists attack. We’re coalescing into a force to ensure that racism, sexism, trans/homophobia, and colonialism are uprooted from these lands.
While dropping banners, taking the streets, and posting flyers alone will not end fascism, we want to make it clear we are watching, we are organizing, and we will defend our communities.

We will not rely on the cops. Their institution is rooted in white supremacy and ultimately serves the rich and powerful. The same police that are investigating the attack against Maktoob, target our Indigenous relatives at a staggering rate (Indigenous Peoples comprise 50% of arrests in Flag yet only 12% of the population). They also represent the same forces that terrorize migrant communities.

What we mean by Anti-Colonial:


“…before one can even begin a discussion of fascism (or even capitalism for that matter), and the possibility of its emergence on this land, it is important to recognize that fascism in north amerika can only occur in a context always-already defined by two fundamental axes of violence: Indigenous genocide and anti-blackness.” – Ena͞emaehkiw Wākecānāpaew Kesīqnaeh

We recognize the limitations of anti-fascism on stolen land.
We’ve experienced the heavy hand of the state in “Arizona” long before Trump was elected. We’ve resisted widespread attacks on migrants (many of whom are our Indigenous relations) through state mechanisms, many of these institutions designed to ensnare or kill migrants also enforce a colonial rule on un-ceded Indigenous lands. From the patrols of Arpaio’s MCSO saturations targeting Yaqui people in Guadalupe, widespread police violence targeting Indigenous people across the state, forced removal of more than 20,000 Diné from Black Mesa, repression against indigenous Peoples defending sacred sites such as the San Francisco Peaks, the Border Patrol checkpoints dotting the roads of the Tohono O’odham Nation, and the border wall as a physical barrier dividing Indigenous Peoples separated by the colonial US-Mexico border.
Indigenous resistance to these efforts is long, while accomplices are still new to this struggle. We have organized projects of solidarity to oppose the colonial networks of control, because we understand that an anti-fascism that is not grounded in anti-colonialism is certain to reproduce the same structures of settler colonial violence that has existed for over 500 years on this continent, and over 200 years of representative democracy in the “United States.”

Ena͞emaehkiw Wākecānāpaew Kesīqnaeh states in their essay, Fascism & Anti-Fascism: A Decolonial Perspective, “…while we cannot be sure that the defeat of fascism (or capitalism) alone will be enough to bring about the decolonization of Turtle Island, we can be sure that the defeat of colonialism on this land will be the final defeat of even the possibility of fascism, much less fascism itself.”

If you have info on fascists or fascist organizing in so-called Northern Arizona: rageandresist@riseup.net